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Equipment Safety Devices

Mechanical Load Limiter devices designed to provide overload protection on overhead travelling cranes, hoists and other lifting appliances.

Electronic Load Limiter devices designed to control the overload and the slack rope in overhead travelling cranes, hoists and other lifting appliances. If appropriately configured, such devices can control twin hoist applications by the summation of the load applied to each hook.


  •  2 weight entries
  •  Entry of external tare
  •  6 programmable limits
  •  Ascendant and descendant delays can be configured
  •  Visualisation through LCD display
  •  5 keys for the programming and configuration of the system
  •  Configurable parameters for software
  •  Updating of software through portable RS-232-C connection
  •  5 relay outputs (6A 250V) & 3 inputs (24…220V) AC or DC
  •  Universal feeding 110…220V (optionally 48V AC)
  •  Optional multipoint alignment for cells or non linear applications
  •  Introduction through security code (optional)
  •  Bi-directional RS-422 or 485 connection (optional)
  •  Hardware filter for weighing (optional)
  •  Output voltage 0…5V or 0…10V (optional)
  •  Output current 0…20mA or 4…20mA (optional)
  •  Output weight repeater for panel of pushbutton by cable
  •  Output for giant display (optional)
  •  5th optional output for special applications
  •  Temperature range -10…50C; Humidity 15…85%


  • Control of Operation Safe Period (PPP) established by rule
  • Number of maneuvers and number of pulses
  • Time to lift maneuver
  • Number of overloads and overloads bridged
  • Activation of the review of the hours or time
  • Connecting to a PC through: wireless, Radio or GSM control