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Weighing Systems

Electronic Crane ScalesHook Block Scale is an electronic weighing system of great precision, which can be adapted to any type of crane.  The advantages of this system are that it allows the operator to read the elevated load without having to move it to a steady weighing machine. The system is adaptable to load capacities from 2,000kg to 250,000kg.

Electronic Crane Scale is a system that has been designed to be hung from the hook of any lifting appliance where it is going to work. The systems have various options of retro-illumination and memorisation of weightings, through the incorporation of an infrared commander. Other options include the incorporation of an infrared telecommander, 24 hour battery service, protection for usage in high temperature environments, 232-C output, RS-485 output and indicator of maximum peak.

Load Displays have been designed for use on mobile structures with a high degree of vibration, including cranes, hoists and most lifting appliances. With the dimension and luminosity they have in the digits, these allow visualisation both inside and outdoors from long distances. The displays can incorporate several options including load limiter, emission and capture of data over radio, output computer and other functions through radio control.