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CraneServe provide solutions for all your lifting requirements

Benefitting from over 50 years experience in the lifting business and with strategic alliances with manufacturers, CraneServe can offer solutions to all your crane product requirements.

CraneServe is a UK dealer for GH Cranes and we supply the full range of GH products and parts. We hold stock in the UK and equipment we supply includes:

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranesOur team of specialists can advise you on the best type of equipment for your particular application including, single and double girder construction, top running and underslung configuration, goliath and semi-goliath, standard and engineered cranes.

We offer expert advice on all control systems including Inverter Control, anti-sway and all all options of infra red and radio control systems, designed to enable you to maximise your return on investment in and safe operation of the equipment.

Our team will supply, install, commission and load test the equipment on completion. We also offer full product familiarisation and in-depth Operator Training Packages.

We offer full warranties and even extended warranty packages alongside full inspection and Maintenance Service packages, providing effective lifetime support for your equipment.

Lifting Beams

Lifting BeamCross Beams designed for the transportation of loads with a hook in secured connection. Constructed in laminated robust profile or hot laminated tube depending on the capacity. (1t to 200t)

‘H’ Beams , designed to handle loads in a stable manner. This type of lifting beam is constructed for loads from 0.5t to 100t. For heavy loads these beams can be electrically or hydraulically motorised.

Air Rotators designed for the transport and rotation of self-stable loads with a symmetric rotation section. Constructed on a laminated beam for use in hard and continuous conditions. Capacities up to 165t.

Light Crane Systems

Light Crane SystemLight Crane Systems of a modular and flexible design offer a low cost solution for your material handling requirements.

Inexpensive systems from 50 – 2,000kg capacity, single or double girder construction, powered or manual options, there is something to suit every possible application.

Their modular construction means easily modified or extended systems can be offered and grow with your business production requirements. More complex systems can include switches, turntables and curves and can easily be reconfigured alongside your product needs.

Systems can be installed on freestanding goalposts in open environments or tied into pre-existing structures where available.

There are countless options of hoists or manipulators available for these low friction systems, giving quiet and accurate positioning of loads with low maintenance and long lasting equipment.

Weighing Systems

Weighing SystemHook Block Scale is an electronic weighing system of great precision, which can be adapted to any type of crane.  The advantages of this system are that it allows the operator to read the elevated load without having to move it to a steady weighing machine. The system is adaptable to load capacities from 2,000kg to 250,000kg.

Electronic Crane Scale is a system that has been designed to be hung from the hook of any lifting appliance where it is going to work. The systems have various options of retro-illumination and memorisation of weightings, through the incorporation of an infrared commander. Other options include the incorporation of an infrared telecommander, 24 hour battery service, protection for usage in high temperature environments, 232-C output, RS-485 output and indicator of maximum peak.

Download the GH Cranes parts catalogue (PDF, 15MB) to view the range of parts and spares CraneServe can supply.

For further information about CraneServe supply and installation, please contact us.

Whether you are seeking emergency crane breakdown support, or planning a new crane installation, our expert team is ready to assist.