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“CraneServe are always available to discuss issues and give support. They understand the importance of responding and reacting promptly to problems as they arise, from small breakdowns to the bigger projects.”

Christopher OFarrell, AHA Steel

“The CraneServe engineers were superb. They arrived early and got straight down to business. They worked tirelessly and in an extremely professional manner over a long day, safely installing and testing the crane.”

Dr Simon Bland, Imperial College London

"At the beginning of 2013, I decided to look for a more cost effective and proactive way of maintaining the 24 cranes that we have at our site. I wanted to work with an organisation that would have our best interests at heart rather than a company that would see us as a sales target.

I searched the market place and using previous contacts heard about a new company that had come to light whose sole purpose was to provide an efficient cost effective repair service. I decided to meet up with the CraneServe team who were pretty much still in their infancy.

After initial meetings, I took the decision to make CraneServe our preferred supplier for scheduled servicing of the cranes that we have at our site in accordance with LOLER.

Our first scheduled visit took place earlier this year and I was very pleased with the service. I found that they were prepared to work out of hours to suit our production needs and the team has a wealth of knowledge and the general feeling that comes across is that nothing is too much trouble.

I would happily recommend CraneServe to any organisation that was looking to change its crane service provider."

M.Gilbert, Buchan Concrete Solutions

"Approximately a year ago a flyer landed on my desk from CraneServe which states on the front that they promote the following:-

  • - A refreshing new approach to customer service
  • - Total commitment from people who care

From the levels of service, communication, commitment and willingness to form long term working relationships we would definitely agree with the above statements and would not hesitate in recommending CraneServe as an excellent supplier.

Within our own company we also work with the same ethos of CraneServe and promote a ‘Part of Your Team’ approach where we need our suppliers to buy in to our company and make commitments and assurances as we work 24 hours a day on a single production line so breakdowns can be very costly in terms of production and quickly impact in a negative way on our business.

On every occasion, day or night CraneServe have attended site within the 2 hour commitment which they made and have adhered to. All the technicians supplied are very knowledgeable and helpful with faults being resolved in minimal time and offer good post fault analysis of why the fault may have occurred which aids our planning. This has lead to a cultural change within our business where we are now moving towards a pro-active maintenance schedule which is aiming at reducing our reactive repair management issues.

CraneServe have given us the confidence to invest heavily in new cranes which we will be installing in April & May 2013, with a now established, strong working relationship and that the new cranes will be maintained to a high standard on an on-going basis."

Alex Camp, Premier Galvanizing Ltd

"Our cranes work in a hostile environment and without them our production would be seriously affected.

CraneServe have to work in the same environment as our cranes but they always respond to our needs be they urgent or routine. The work is completed quickly and around our production needs.

They are also looking to move forward with our cranes to improve reliability and they are always on the end of the phone when we need them."

Ashley Prime, Sofidel UK

"After starting work at Hanson Building Products earlier this year, as Maintenance Manager, it became quite apparent that we were being let down on some of our front line equipment which included overhead cranes. These cranes play a major part in the smooth and efficient running of the production side of the business.

I was introduced to a company by the name of CraneServe who I hadn’t previously heard anything about. I agreed to have a meeting with one of their sales guys who presented the company very impressively.

Over the last few months CraneServe have been coming to site carrying out various repairs, some at very short notice, together with a lot of weekend work, and they have been a breath of fresh air with real enthusiasm and a superb CAN DO attitude.

Hanson's Health and Safety policy is followed throughout their time on site. All paper work is completed from their side, as outside contractors, before any work commences."

Keith Tarry, Maintenance Manager, Hanson Building Products